The Monroe County Vacant and Abandoned Task Force is a diverse group of stakeholders from across the community, including lenders, local government, law firms, municipal leaders, local non-profit organizations and consumer advocates.

We have a common goal – to address the issues relating to vacant and abandoned properties in our community.

Since forming, the Task Force has focused its efforts through our three working subcommittees, each of which plays a vital role in tackling the problem:

Prevention of vacancies

Identification and maintenance of vacancies

Rehabilitation of vacancies

Our Philosophy

The overwhelming philosophy of the Task Force is to alleviate blight in neighborhoods and to bring the public, stakeholders and municipalities all to the same level of commitment to help revitalize all parts of the City and its outlying suburbs.

Our History

When Adam Bello was Supervisor of the Town of Irondequoit, he identified over 250 vacant properties in his town alone. As the Town Supervisor of an older and established inner-ring suburb, he knew both from his own experience and the concerns shared by many constituents that this was one of the single most concerning issues facing homeowners in his community. Through...see more